Know Thyself

Being your authentic self yields gifts


KNOW THYSELF —Quote from the Temple of Apollo at Delphi

The ocean is brimming
Full of life
Oysters with pearls inlay
So many treasures contained within her depths

Both powerful, yet serene
She reflects the light of the sun and the moon
Back to us

The ocean
A symphony of creation, with dolphins dancing
fish foraging
waves crashing
currents circulating

She is a world within a world, with rhythms and cycles
She seeks balance and harmony
and knows only how to be her AUTHENTIC SELF

We have much in common with the ocean…

Not only are we one with the ocean of life
But we have internal biorhythms and cycles which seek harmony and balance (homeostasis)

We reflect the light of love, beauty, and consciousness to each other

Contained within us are pearls of wisdom, to have and to live our very best life!

By being our authentic selves, we become like the ocean


Remember that you are like a miniature ocean, connected to the ocean of life

You are beautiful and powerful beyond measure!