Romantic love poem


Where art thou, that love that once was mine?

I feel you still within me

ALIVE like the pounding of my heart

And yet, where are those sensual pleasures and connection I long for?


In the city, one can often feel alone, people bustling to and fro

Where are we really going? Does anyone know?

So many men and so little time, I once heard myself say

To conquer or be conquered I have learned is not the way


There is such lack of meaning in so much of what we do

Superficiality, pretension, competition

Who are we really? Why do we do what we do?


My heart is like a well which runneth over

I have so much to give, so give is what I do, yet my love eludes me, as I long to know him ever-more


Is it so wrong to desire the touch, smell, taste, and feel of my special friend?

I know as you beat within my heart, that one day we will meet again

For you I am ready to receive, to give, to nurture, to caress, to grow with

For you and no one else, my sweet

I live in faith, readiness, and love until we meet again.

                                                                   -Your Beloved

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