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August 2, 2017



by Patricia Richards


“Attachment leads to suffering.”
― Gautama Buddha

To let it go
Is to know
That this is the ebb and flow
Of the universe

For to let it go
Is to know
That all things come and go

The tide of the ocean
The rain
The seasons

All things come and all things go
This ebb and flow
This cosmic dance
This intricately woven web of life

Embrace what comes in life and embrace that which leaves you
For all comes
And all goes

In its own special time
In its own special way

All is a gift, in this cosmic dance called LIFE!


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  1. dharmacaterpillar
    Dec 29 2015

    This cosmic dance needs dances after all! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dharmacaterpillar
    Dec 29 2015

    Beautiful topic. People often espouse that the ego causes suffering, but I feel it is the attachment to the ego that causes suffering.

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    • Dec 29 2015

      Our ego’s impulse is to possess, covet, control, etc., so one could say that attachment is a trait of the ego.



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