Respites are important for us to reconnect


Oh yes!
FINALLY, you are here
Sweet, bless-ed nothingness at last!

Nowhere in particular to be
Nothing in particular to do
All affairs attended to
So at last
I can revel in your sweet fragrance and gentle sounds

So I can simply be


Dear, sweet, nothingness

You are like a mother’s bosom


My how I’ve longed for thee, when long ago I balked at you, with boredom and youthful impatience

Now I rejoice thee dear, sweet, nothingness

My how the tides of life have changed me!

You are a gift dear, sweet, nothingness

Let me revel in you


a little bit


In our materialistic, work-driven North American culture, we often don’t take a restful respite or the vacation time we have earned due to obligations, because we may miss out on an opportunity, or we are fearful of losing our “edge” in the workplace. Please know that connecting to the core of who you are is as essential as breathing for your long-term happiness and self-fulfillment. Positions and titles may come and go, but your inner connection remains and grows as you nurture it.

When you surrender to the realm of nothingness/emptiness, you connect to the realm of infinite possibilities, ideas, intuitions, and inspirations. It is a quiet, mindful place where the self-connects to the SELF, the unmanifest takes shape, and the unknown is revealed. Build your inner connection for a deeper, richer, more meaningful and purposeful way of being. This new way of being, brings clarity and greater self-fulfillment, as you coalesce with the divine.